Dyson V7 | SV11


The Dyson V7 is a rechargeable vacuum cleaner with excellent suction power. At 100 AirWatt suction force, there are no wishes left. Whether dust, sand or animal hair - the Dyson V7 removes dirt from the last cracks. Thanks to the specially developed cyclone technology even the finest dust and allergens are absorbed. Therefore, it is also perfect for an allergy household. Since the sucker is wireless and has a low weight of 2.3 kg, you can easily go anywhere. Thus, it is very versatile. With the long telescopic tube, the handy sucker allows easy removal of cobwebs on the ceiling. As soon as the telescopic tube is removed, the Dyson V7 transforms into a hand-held vacuum cleaner that, for example, makes interior cleaning of cars child's play. Thanks to the Quick Release System, the individual brushes and nozzles can be replaced quickly and easily.

The modern nickel-cobalt aluminum battery provides the cordless vacuum cleaner with a running time of 30 minutes at the highest level. This is a considerable amount of time and is enough to completely rid the average flat or car.

Another advantage of the V7 is the hygienic emptying of the container with just one hand, because the all-rounder among the vacuum cleaners can do without a vacuum cleaner bag. An extra Dyson user does not want to do without is the practical wall mount, which also serves as a charging station. So the V7 can easily be stowed and charged at the same time. Disadvantages of the Dyson V7 will have to look so long.


With the electric brush, both hard floors and carpets can be sucked effortlessly and thoroughly. Other accessories include an extra-hard brush, with the even stubborn dirt can be removed. The Flexi crevice nozzle not only gets into narrow cracks, but is also flexible and thus allows the suction of areas that are particularly difficult to access.

The Dyson V7 accessory set even features a special mattress nozzle, a furniture edge nozzle and an extension hose. These and other accessories are available in our shop.

For your Dyson V7 you will receive among others the following items:

  • extension tube
  • engine
  • battery pack
  • Soft Roller
  • Turbo Nozzle
  • Accessory set Quick Release
  • Car Care Set Quick Release


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