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Hide this clueThe Dyson V10 combines the features of a classic household vacuum with the functionality of a cordless, flexible nipple. The Dyson battery vacuum cleaner is characterized by its extremely high suction power. This was tested in accordance with the standard EN 60312-1. The Dyson V10 has a 7-cell battery with aluminum, cobalt and nickel components.

The Dyson V10 - flexibility and functionality par excellence

If you compare a conventional vacuum cleaner used for cleaning floors, the Dyson V10 has a lot more to offer. So the Dyson battery vacuum cleaner is not only much lighter, especially handy and easy to use. The fact that there is no cable makes the device flexible and very user-friendly. What's more, the Dyson V10 scores with its ease of storage and space even in confined spaces.

Ideal on carpet and smooth floors

As needed, the Dyson battery vacuum cleaner can be used wherever it is needed. It gets even in hard to reach places and freed them in a jiffy from dust, dirt and Co. Even deep-seated dust or dry impurities from carpets removes the Dyson battery vacuum cleaner in no time. The highlight here is the special electric brush with included direct drive. This is brought in the interior of the so-called brush roller by means of a drive motor in motion. In addition, sturdy nylon brushes penetrate deeply into the textile material of the carpets and effortlessly remove dirt and dust from deeper layers. Finer carbon fibers convince by their antistatic effect and ensure the quick removal of dirt and dust.

High quality and practical - the Dyson accessory

 Striking in the Dyson V10 is the extra large dust container made of transparent material. In contrast to conventional devices, the emptying no longer needs to be done at short intervals. And that, although compared to conventional vacuum cleaners even more dirt and dust can be absorbed. Emptying is quick and can be done with just a single action. The special mechanism makes it possible. They therefore no longer come into contact with the contents of the container. A real "plus" for more hygiene and cleanliness - and an additional benefit for allergy sufferers.

Certainly, sucking with normal vacuum cleaners experience is tedious and exhausting. Not so with the Dyson V10. Because here you can save power from the first suction, because the motor is located above the handle. In this way, the center of gravity of the nipple is moved so that it can be easily guided. The icing on the "I" is that the Dyson battery vacuum cleaner can be "modified" in no time in a hand vacuum cleaner.

Well thought out Dyson parts

Included in the set is, among other things, a mini-electric brush, which is ideal for the removal of animal hair and deep-seated dirt from carpets. The filter system is completely sealed and removes 99.97 percent of the dust and dirt particles. Another advantage is that the exhaust air is cleaner and cleaner than other devices. The portfolio of Dyson spare parts also includes a wall mount with charging function, which ensures that the Dyson V10 is ready for use at any time. Not only the whole technology of the Dyson battery dust collector is very well thought out, but also the Dyson accessories scores with the top quality.

The Dyson accessory can be easily replaced or replaced by the implemented storage device. All Dyson replacement parts can be reordered easily.

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