Dyson filter

Filters are at the heart of Dyson's track record. Due to the innovative filter technology installed in the vacuum cleaners, they do not lose their suction power. The engine and other parts of the vacuum cleaner will not be affected by stubborn dust and dirt. In addition, the filters are used to filter the outflowing air. Thus, no dust-decomposed air is blown out of your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

A rough distinction is made between two filter types:

  • pre-motor
  • post-motor

As the names of these two filters suggest, filter the air around the engine. The air that enters the engine is cleaned by the pre-engine filter and prevented so that the Dyson engine and thus also your vacuum cleaner loses suction.

The after engine filter cleans the air that comes out of the engine. In conventional vacuum cleaners, the air that is finally blown out of the device is often decomposed with dust and sand particles, thus reducing the air quality in the affected area. The developers at Dyson have prevented this effect with the installation of a Nachmotorfilters. Many of these filters even have HEPA properties and are also suitable for allergy sufferers and sensitive persons.

Both filters are used permanently with each suction process and must therefore be replaced at regular intervals, depending on the contamination. It is important to pay attention to whether it is a washable filter or not.

All popular filters are available here in our online shop. If you have a question about compatibility with your Dyson, feel free to contact us. We can give you the matching items to your Dyson vacuum cleaner.