Dyson DC33C

Dyson DC33C

All-rounder with multi-cyclone technology

The Dyson DC33 C vacuum cleaner is a premium quality canister vacuum cleaner. The device unfolds its full power in the household on hard floors as well as on softer floor types. This multifunctionality makes the Dyson DC33 C one of Dyson's most popular canister vacuum cleaners.

Despite its weight of 7.5 kg, the device is easy to maneuver. This property he owes to the Dyson Ball technology. In addition, because of the sophisticated weight distribution, the vacuum cleaner has a low center of gravity and is thus easy to pull. There is no unpleasant overturning or tumbling of the vacuum cleaner with the DC33C.

The power cable with its length of approx. 6.5 meters offers ample scope to free even larger areas and rooms from dirt and dust.

Thanks to Dyson's multi-cyclone technology, the DC33C has excellent suction performance that will not fade over the years. The principle of this technology is modeled on how a cyclone works. The sucked parts are accelerated and thus pressed outwards due to the centrifugal force. There you fall slowly to the floor on the wall of the dust collection container and collect there. As soon as the dust collector has filled its entire volume of 2 liters, you can empty it easily and hygienically at the touch of a button above your dustbin.

The high suction power paired with the HEPA filter technology makes the Dyson vacuum cleaner a certified vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers.

Also for the Dyson DC33C vacuum cleaner there is a versatile range of accessories and spare parts. In order to achieve optimum suction on different types of soil and to be able to remove dust and dirt, it is advisable to use the appropriate Dyson accessories.

For carpets, for example, there is the turbine nozzle for your DC33 C. With this accessory, you can also remove stubborn dirt in an instant.
For hard floors, especially parquet, the flexible parquet nozzle is recommended. The flexible head makes maneuvering child's play.

There are also accessories for the Dyson DC33C for special surfaces and surfaces. Here are the following essays in particular:

  • upholstery
  • extra hard brush
  • extra soft soft brush
  • flexible crevice nozzle
  • etc.

Of course you will also find these accessories in our assortment.

In addition, you will also find all kinds of spare parts for your Dyson DC33C. Even if Dyson vacuum cleaners do not need a vacuum cleaner bag, there are a few wearing parts and so you can replace them if necessary, these can also be ordered from us in the online shop. Here you will find HEPA post engine filter, floor plates and brush rollers as well as housing cover, extension hoses and handles for your Dyson DC33C vacuum cleaner.

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