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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is one of the latest generation of Dyson vacuum cleaners. As a full-fledged dust collector with high performance, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball convinces above all with power and performance. Also in this model Dyson uses the reinforced Cyclone technology. By 35 highly efficient cyclones also finest dust is taken up.

The telescopic tube of the Cinetic Big Ball makes the vacuum cleaner versatile. Even higher places on walls and windows are so accessible. With the combination tool of crevice nozzle and brush nozzle or the soft brush, all areas can be easily cleared of dust.

What makes the Cinetic Big Bal special is that it does not require a pre-motor filter and therefore no maintenance is required. Here Dyson explicitly advertises that this is the only model.

The Cinetic Big Ball series, as well as the modern vacuum cleaner from Dyson, installed the practical Quick Release System. This system greatly simplifies the assembly and replacement of accessories. With a simple push of a button you remove accessories and with a click are just those attached again.

The Cinetic Big Ball series includes the following versions:
Muscle Head
Animal Pro

The differences between the different variants are only in the supplied accessories, which is why the models all differ in price.

Common names include CY22 for the Cinetic Big Ball and CY26 for the Cinetic Big Ball 2.

All accessories and spare parts for your Dyson CY22 and CY26 can be found here.

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