DC-PROFI | For a climate-friendly future

Climate protection and sustainability are topics that are rightly gaining more and more importance in the public eye. We would like to make a conscious contribution to a climate-friendly future and would like to share with you in a transparent manner what we are doing to conserve resources and act responsibly. 

1. spare parts instead of new equipment

We sell spare parts and accessories for Dyson hoovers with full conviction. Dyson hoovers certainly belong to the higher-priced segment and are more expensive to buy than conventional hoovers. However, with this higher price you not only get the latest technology and durability, but also the possibility to easily repair the vacuum cleaner yourself in case of a defect. Many parts are connected by simple plug-in or click systems and can be easily replaced by non-professionals. In addition, you can practically expand the range of functions of your Dyson vacuum cleaner with new accessories.

This is a holistic and sustainable approach with which we can identify 100%.

2. recycling

 We reuse all packaging and packaging materials we receive in the course of procuring goods in the shipping process. Damaged cardboard boxes are further processed into filling material in order to produce as little waste as possible or to waste cardboard boxes. This measure is a great example of how environmentally conscious actions also have an economic added value. 

3. climate neutral shipping

With DHL GoGreen, we offer the option of climate-neutral shipping. Because climate protection is a serious concern for us, we "reward" climate-neutral shipping because we believe that prudent and sustainable action and thinking should be worthwhile. That's why shipping with DHL GoGreen is cheaper than the standard DHL service and we cover the extra costs for you. 

We believe that everyone can make a contribution to a climate-friendly future and that is exactly what we are doing. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Best regards

Your team from DC PROFI